Angle of repose

Angle of repose. When bulk cargo is loaded by โ€œpouringโ€ on to a fiat surface, it forms an angle between the cone slope of the cargo and a horizontal plane.

 Low angles of repose indicate that the bulk cargo is prone to shifting at sea. The IMO โ€œCode of Safe Practices for Bulk Cargoesโ€ (the โ€œBulk Codeโ€) distinguishes between cargoes having angles of repose less than and greater than 35 degrees.For cargoes with a smaller angle of repose the Code recommends level trimming and filling in of spaces in which they are loaded. One example of a low angle of repose would be with soda ash loaded at Long Beach, California. The angle of repose of this cargo is about 25 degrees. 


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