In what circumstances should a shipmaster note protest?

(1) After every case of general average;

(2) after wind and/or sea conditions have been encountered which may have damaged cargo; (3) after wind and/or sea conditions have been encountered which caused failure to make a canceling date; (4) after cargo is shipped in a condition likely to deteriorate during the forthcoming voyage (also, bills of lading should be appropriately caused after consultation with the shipper and P&I correspondent); (5) after the ship has been damaged from any cause; (6) after a serious breach of the charterparty by the charterer or his agent (e. g.: undue delay; refusal to load; cargo not of a sort allowed by the charterparty; refusal to pay demurrage; refusal to accept bills of lading after signing because of causing by master; sending vessel to an unsafe port, etc. ); (7) after the consignee fails to discharge or take delivery of the cargo or fails to pay freight, and similar situations.

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When should a shipmaster note protest following a heavy weather voyage or following an incident at sea?

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