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Microbridge.  Where the MLB jntermodal movements of cargo are from port to port across a continent, such as North America, this phrase refers to cargo from and to inland points, which are not ports, moved overland by rail via United States West Coast ports to and from Far East ports.

MEES (Middle East Emergency Surcharge). After 2 August 1990 when Iraq invaded Kuwait, and after the commencement of the Persian Gulf “war” against Iraq’s invasion, the situation in the Middle East became very dangerous for liner vessels (and other ships).

Manifest. A manifest is a document containing complete specifications of the goods loaded by a vessel for various destinations.

Metacentre. This is the point where the buoyancy force up through the vessel’s centre of buoyancy (B) when the vessel is inclined cuts the original line of force upwards through the original B when the vessel is upright.


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