Notice of Readiness. 'This is a “ . . . notice to the Charterer, shipper, receiver or other person as required by the charter that the ship has arrived at the port or berth as the case may be and is ready to load/discharge".

Non negotiable document. The Hague-Visby Rules and Hague Rules are concerned with contracts of carriage evidenced by bills of lading which are “documents of title”.

Notify party. This is the name of the person in the box on a standard form bill of lading, marked “Notify address”.

Non working day. A "working day" in the context of laytime is a day on which cargo operations are carried out in the usual manner in a port and without extra payment such as for overtime.

Nautical mile. This is the unit of distance used at sea. It is the length of one minute of latitude and this varies from the equator to the poles. For convenience a standard nautical mile is assumed to be 1,852 metres or 6,080 feet, which is the true length of a nautical mile in about latitude 52 degrees.


Net capacity. This rarely used expression related to the vessel's capacity for cargo when loaded to its permissible draught after allowing for fuel, stores, ballast (if any), "ship's constant", and other noncargo components. The term has a similar meaning to "cargo capacity" and to "deadweight cargo capacity" ("DWCC") or "Deadweight cargo tonnage" ("DWCT").


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