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Working day. This is a day or part of a day which is not expressly excluded from laytime by the charterparty and which is not a holiday.

Washplate. In order to minimise the movement of fuel oil or water in partially filled tanks during heavy weather, thereby exposing the tanks to heavy strain, longitudinal washplates are fitted, thus reducing the free surface.


Wharf charter. A "berth" is the vessel's place at a wharf (or at anchor) and a "wharf" is a wooden, steel, concrete or stone platform beside which the vessel can lie in a berth for loading or discharging or taking stores and/or fuel.

Waiver clause. This clause appears as part of the “Duty of Assured” in the Institute Time Clauses (Hulls) 1983. The waiver section states:

Waiver. A person may "waive" a benefit when he renounces or disclaims it. A waiver can be express or implied.

Warranties. Under the Marine Insurance Act 1906, section 33(1) states that a warranty means a promissory warranty, i.e., a warranty by which the assured undertakes that some particular thing shall or shall not be done or that some condition shall be fulfilled or whereby he affirms or negatives the existence of a particular state of facts.

War risk policy. Under the usual Hull policies for ships, the “War Exclusions” do not cover any loss, damage, expense or liability for a variety of causes.


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