No. A UK ship marked with load lines must not be so loaded that: (1) if she is in salt water and has no list, the appropriate load line on each side is submerged; or (2) in any other case, the appropriate load line on each side would be submerged if she were in salt water and had no list, (e. g. as in the question, where she is in dock water).

Except in the Panama Canal (see below), the pilot is an advisor to the master, without having command, navigational control or charge of the vessel. The pilot's duty is restricted to advising the master of local conditions affecting safe navigation. The master has full responsibility for the navigation and manoeuvring of his ship during all acts of pilotage. (Hence the bridge movement book term, "To Master's Orders and Pilot's Advice". )


A business entity acting as a local agent for one or more (and often several) carriers, and whose main function is procuring bookings of shipping space from local shippers. Major carriers maintain a network of liner agents in the main cities of countries served by their services.


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