“+”(properly called a Pattee cross but often called a Maltese cross) means the ship was constructed under survey by Lloyd's Register surveyors; "100" means the ship is suitable for seagoing service. "A" means the ship was constructed or accepted into LR class and is maintained in good and efficient condition. "1"means she has good and efficient anchoring and mooring equipment.

A more detailed inspection must be carried out, including further checking of compliance with on-board operational requirements, if the Port State Control Officer has clear grounds for believing, after the initial inspection, that the condition of a ship or of its equipment or crew does not substantially meet the relevant requirements of a Convention. "Clear grounds" will exist when the PSCO finds evidence which in his professional judgment warrants a more detailed inspection of the ship, its equipment or its crew.

For example: costs of hiring a tug to refloat a stranded ship with cargo onboard; cost of discharging cargo in order to refloat a stranded ship or to carry out repairs at a port of refuge; salvage costs; agency fees at a port of refuge; surveyors' fees; warehousing charges; port charges; master's and crew's wage while a ship is being repaired; and Average Adjuster's fee.