Shortly before a UK ship is due to depart from a foreign port, a rating (who is not listed on the Safe Manning Document) breaks a leg in a fall and requires hospital treatment prior to repatriation to his home country. What arrangements should the master?

The master should: (1) report the accident to local authorities in accordance with local law; 

(2) ensure first aid treatment is given in accordance with the Ship Captain’s Medical Guide; (3) arrange transportation of the rating to hospital; (4) ensure the ship’s safety officer investigates the accident; (5) report the accident to the MAIB; (6) contact the ship’s agent to make relief and travel arrangements and complete local immigration and other formalities; (7) make entries in discharge documentation, i. e. rating’s Discharge Book and ship’s List of Crew, writing “HOSPITALISED” if the rating is unable to sign in the upper grey signature space; (8) notify the Proper Officer (e. g. British Consul) that a seaman is being/has been left behind by a UK ship; (9) have two officers list the rating’s personal effects, annexing one copy of the list to the OLB and enclosing the other with the rating’s gear; (10) make up the rating’s bar and slops account; (11) inform the owners/managers of the rating’s overtime, bar and slops account; (12) land the personal effects to the agent; (13) make OLB entries relating to: the accident; the injury and treatment given; notification of the Proper Officer; arrangements for leaving the seaman behind. Since the rating was not listed on the Safe Manning Document, his absence does not affect the ship’s safe manning.


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