Which regulations contain the UK statutory requirements for ships to make “hazmat” notifications, and in which M Notice are they explained?

The Merchant Shipping (Vessel Traffic Monitoring and Reporting Requirements) Regulations 2004 (SI 2004/2110) (“the Vessel Traffic Monitoring Regulations” or “VTM Regulations”), as amended by SIs 2005/1092, 2008/3145 and 2011/2616. 

The amended VTM Regulations give effect in the UK to Directive 2002/59/EC (the “Vessel Traffic Monitoring Directive” or “VTM Directive”), as amended by Directive 2011/15/EU. The hazmat notification requirements are contained in Regulation 10 and are explained in MSN 1831, which replaced MSN 1817. Exemption arrangements are explained in MGN 438.


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Which ships must make “hazmat” notifications under the VTM Regulations?

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