E.i.u. (Even if used)

E.i.u. (Even if used). This expression is used in either its full form or in its abbreviated form, for example in “fixing letters or “recap telexes”.

In the charterparty itself, it is more likely to be used. in its full form. It relates to the laytime and the exceptions to laytime. “Exceptions” are periods during which the time used does not count against the charterer and he does not use up those periods. Thus his laytime is suspended, as it were. A typical exception would be “Sundays and Holidays excepted” and this can be qualified by the words “even if used”. This means that the charterer can, in fact, use Sundays and holidays to load or discharge cargo but the time used on these days does not reduce the total laytime he is allowed. This qualification to the laytime is very favourable to the charterer. The opposite effect (that is, favourable to the owner) is caused by words such as “unless used”.


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