What is a safe port?

A port which the ship can safely reach, enter, stay at and leave without any requirement other than good navigation and seamanship.Β 

There must be safe access and the port must be free from permanent obstruction. The ship must be able to lie safely afloat at all states of the tide, unless it is customary and safe to load and/or discharge aground or there is specific agreement that she will do so. There must be adequate facilities for trade, including a safe shore landing of goods, proper wharves, warehouses and other establishments for dealing with the kind of cargo contemplated. It must be a politically safe port, free from any state of war or embargo. The ship, having reached the port (and discharged her cargo), must also be able to leave without lowering or cutting her masts.


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What is the legal test for a safe port, i. e. the test applied by lawyers and judges?

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