A seaman employed in a UK ship is being left behind at a foreign port (e. g. in hospital, or absent without leave). How should the seaman be discharged?

(1) Notify nearest Proper Officer (e. g. British Consul) that a seaman employed in a UK ship is being/has been left behind in a foreign port.

Β (2) Make an OLB entry recording the notification of the Proper Officer. (3) Record the seaman’s service in his/her discharge book, or on a Certificate of Discharge if no discharge book. (4) Complete grey space entries on ALC 1 (a) (if the seaman is a party to a Crew Agreement) or ALC 1(b) (if exempt), as appropriate, recording in the space for the seaman’s signature the reason why he/she cannot sign, e. g. “IN HOSPITAL” or “AWOL”. (5) Sign in the lower grey space on ALC 1(a) or ALC 1(b). (6) Have two officers tally and pack the seaman’s gear. Put the original tally sheet with the seaman’s baggage; attach a copy to the OLB and make an appropriate entry in the narrative section. (7) Land the seaman’s gear (including discharge book and other documentation) to the ship’s agent. (8) Make an entry in the narrative section of the OLB recording the seaman’s place, date and reason for discharge, and reference number in List of Crew. (9) Notify the seaman’s employer within 3 days of the change in the List of Crew. (10) Amend the Crew List (for purposes of port authorities, etc. ).


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If a seaman who is being left behind, as in the last question, is listed on the ship’s Safe Manning Document, what additional step must be taken?

What entries should be made in a seaman’s UK discharge book at the time of discharge?