A seaman on a UK ship is discharged to a hospital abroad, where he is expected to remain for 3 days. His gear is still on board. What are the rules about delivery of his gear to him?

The master must, when directed by the employer, have the seaman’s property delivered to the employer at an address in the country to which the seaman is to be returned.Β 

The employer must deliver the property to the seaman at his last known address. Costs are to be borne by the person to whom the property was delivered. If the seaman requests, the master must have the property delivered at an address named by the seaman, and the costs are to be borne by the seaman. The master must, when delivering property, include a record of the property delivered. If any property has been sold, the record must include a description of each article sold and the sum received, and if any property has been destroyed or disposed of, a description of each affected article. The seaman’s discharge book should be returned with his property.


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