A ship on a 24-month Voyage Agreement has been trading outside Europe for a year and is now bound for a European port. Under what conditions can a seaman claim his discharge?

He must have been on the Crew Agreement for at least 3 months.Β 

He must give at least 7 days’ notice before the ship is due to arrive at any port in the country named in the Notice Clause. His discharge can take place after expiry of the notice at a port in the named country to be nominated by the master. (The 3-month requirement also applies to Unlimited Running Agreements. )


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A seaman on a Near-Coastal Running Agreement wants to claim his discharge. When can he do this?

If the ship in the previous question had returned to the UK and sailed from it again, but the seaman had not given notice to terminate his engagement in the UK, can he still leave the ship in Antwerp?