A tanker has completed loading and is ordered to sea, but the bills of lading have been presented for signature without any cargo figures being inserted. What should the master do?

If the “Early Departure Procedure” is used in this trade: (1) sign bills of lading;

Β (2) return originals to the agent, retaining non-negotiable “captain’s copies” together with other copy bills for consignees; (3) make any necessary protest regarding the order or condition of cargo, and allow any investigation to be completed before departure. (4) After departure the agent will normally communicate the shipper’s final loading figures as soon as they are available. If shore figures are agreed when notified, enter them on captain’s copies and consignee’s copies of bills of lading. The agent will complete the original bills of lading and sign them on the master’s behalf. (“Early departure procedure” is commonly used in the tanker trades. )


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