A UK freight ferry on a 6-month Running Agreement is trading between the UK and Denmark. Under what conditions may a new crew member claim his discharge in the UK?

After one voyage outside the Near-Coastal Area (e. g. to Denmark) or after the minimum number of days’ service (as stated in the Notice Clause) has been completed, his engagement may be terminated in the UK, provided the UK is the termination country named in the Notice Clause and that he gives the master at least the minimum period of notice stated in the clause, either in writing or verbally before a witness.

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If the ship in the previous question is proceeding from the first UK arrival port to another, can the crew member’s engagement be prolonged by the master for any further period?

A seaman who has been on board for a week demands his discharge on the grounds that the ship is in the UK Near-Coastal Area. Is he entitled to it?