Always accessible

Always accessible. The charterers can send the ship to ports in which the ship can be reached for the purpose of handling cargo or carrying out any other activity with the shore and as required by the Charterer.

Always accessible. (Also Reachable on arrival.) This phrase affects a vessel’s being considered as an “arrived ship”, thus allowing the Notice of Readiness to be given and the commencement of laytime counting against the charterer. The expression means that when the vessel arrives at the port the charterer will make a berth available and the vessel can proceed to the berth without delay. The word “accessible” means that the berth is capable of being approached because it is unobstructed. Any obstruction preventing the berth’s being “accessible” would have to be a physical obstruction, either natural (for example, insufficient depth of water) or “man-made” (for example, congestion of the port). Weather “obstruction”, such as fog, would not make the berth or port inaccessible.


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