Charterer’s account

Charterer’s account. Depending on the type of charter (voyage or time or demise) the owner and the Charterer pay for different expenses.

The Charterer pays little apart from freight, deadfreight, demurrage and general average contributions in a voyage charter. At the other extreme, he pays almost all costs, except perhaps registration fees and tonnage taxes in a bareboat or demise charter. In the charterparty it is stated clearly that the “Charterers to provide . . .” and includes what payments are for the charterer’s account. For example, the ASBATIME 1981 time charterparty states that:

“2. The Charterers, while the vessel is on hire, shall provide and pay for all the fuel except as otherwise agreed, port charges, pilotage, towages, agencies; commissions, consular charges (except chose pertaining to individual crew members or flag of the vessel), anti ail other usual expenses . . .Fumigations ordered because or cargoes carried or ports visited while vessel is employed under this Charter shall be for Charterer’s account .. .”


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