Customary despatch (CD or CQD; Customary quick despatch)

Customary despatch (CD or CQD; Customary quick despatch).

This term is also unfavourable to shipowners when connected with the time allowed to the Charterer to load and/or discharge the cargo in the ship because of the possible uncertainties similar to those in a “fast as can” or “custom of the port” qualification of the time allowed for loading and/or discharging: The bare meaning of the CD phrase is that the charterer must load and/or discharge as quickly as possible depending on the prevailing circumstances at the loading/discharging place.

The phrase seems to modify the charterer’s obligation to load/discharge the ship in a reasonable time but there is still no fixed criteria for how quick “customary despatch” should be, nor do the words point to a definite period of time allowed to the Charterer.

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