Full reach and burden

Full reach and burden. This expression covers the cargo space, which is normally available for cargo, including lawful deck capacity. In shipping “burden” means “carrying capacity”.

Under a voyage charter the charterers are not entitled to carry cargo in passenger cabins or to carry passengers for their own benefit. The shipowners are free to use the passenger accommodation as they may consider fit. Under a time charterparty, the position may be different in so far as passenger accommodation is concerned. The following clauses may be included in the charterparty:

“The whole reach and burden of the vessel’s holds, decks and usual places of loading abut nit more than she can reasonably stow and carry) and all passenger accommodation shall be at the charterers’ disposal, reserving only proper and sufficient space for the ship’s officers, crew, tackle, apparel, furniture, provisions, stores and fuel. No passengers or cargo shall be carried for owners’ account.”

The qualification in a charterparty:

“. . . not exceeding what the vessel can reasonably stow and carry, in the judgment of the master, over and above the space and burden necessary for vessel’s officers and crew, her cabins, tackle, apparel, furniture, provisions, fresh water, stores, necessary ballast and fuel.”

has the same meaning as “full reach and burden”.


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