How should a shipmaster go about noting protest?

He should: (1) go to a notary public or other person authorised under local law to take statements on oath;

(2) be accompanied by one or more witnesses from the crew who have knowledge of the facts (who should be prepared to be questioned); (3) have with him the Official Log Book, the deck log (or engine room log if relevant) and all other relevant information surrounding the event being protested (e. g. cargo ventilation or temperature records where there has been a cargo fire); (4) make a sworn statement before the notary, who will enter it in a Register of Protests; (5) reserve the right to extend the protest at a later date and place; (6) purchase at least 3 certified copies of the protest (for the owners, average adjuster and ship’s file); (7) pay the notarial fee and obtain a receipt.


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