Microbridge.  Where the MLB jntermodal movements of cargo are from port to port across a continent, such as North America, this phrase refers to cargo from and to inland points, which are not ports, moved overland by rail via United States West Coast ports to and from Far East ports.

Cargo moves on a combined transport bill of lading. Land transport and terminal charges are included in the through freight rate. MLB and Microbridge systems in intermodalism allow carriers to offer very competitive through freight rates, which combine inland export rates plus ocean freight rates to named ports. At the shippers’ choice other rates may be used for other modes of transport. For example, the shipper may choose to ship from or to a place that is not on the carrier’s Microbridge route, i.e., the place is not at the Garner’s terminal. In this case, terminal charges to and from the pier, Container Yard or Container Freight Station charges are for the shipper’s account.


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