Overside delivery clause

Overside delivery clause. Sometimes consignees of parcels are granted the option of taking delivery of the goods by their own lighters.

This right is granted under an “overside delivery” or “tackle” clause. This clause, when referring to French ports is known as the “sous palan” clause. “Sous palan” means “under the derrick” (that is, under the ship’s cargo handling tackle). This clause may read:

“Consignees to have the option of landing the within mentioned goods by their own lighters, provided no delay is caused to the steamer and that delivery is taken as fast as steamer can deliver. Lighters to be alongside steamer at night, Sundays and Holidays included, without interruption. Option to be declared by the receivers in writing 48 hours before steamer’s arrival, failing which the above option to he void without further notice to receivers. Should receivers have notified Agents that they wish to avail themselves of this option and fail to provide the necessary lighters as above, Captain or Agents to have the right to discharge and land the goods into other craft or on the wharf at the expense of the cargo. The above option is subject to any contrary custom or regulation at the port of discharge.”


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