Round trip or Round voyage

Round trip or Round voyage. A charter for a “round voyage” may be a mixture of a. time charter and a voyage charter (similar to a trip charter).

The Charterer may charter the ship from one delivery or loading place to a discharging port and back to the original place of delivery to the Charterer. The freight rate would take into account the fact that the ship may have to be positioned at the original port in ballast. The two legs of the complete voyage may be known as the “outward” leg and the “homeward” leg, although in modern times the ship may never really visit its “home port” or port of registry. A report of a round voyage reads as follows:

“Nova Spirit (69,000 tonnes dw, 14k on 28t, Liberia, built 2012) delivery Japan, Aug 10-20, trip via Australia, redelivery Japan, $8,500 per day. (Shinwa)”


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