SHEX and SHINC. These abbreviations apply to the manner in which laytime is calculated and accounted for.

The first means “Sundays and Holidays excepted”. This is one of the exceptions to laytime. The second means “Sundays and Holidays included” in the laytime allowed to the charterer. This is less advantageous to him than the first.

Sundays and Holidays included (SHINC). This expression is the reverse of the above one in its effect on laytime. While SHEX is in the charterer’s favour, SHINC is in the shipowner’s. It indicates that laytime is continuous, including Sundays and other holidays and may have a similar effect to “Sundays and Holidays excepted, unless used” except that the “unless used” refers only to actual time used in loading and/or discharging on these days while SHINC includes the full 24 hours on Sundays and holidays. 

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