Statement of facts (SOF)

Statement of facts (SOF). This is the document attached to a record of calculation of laytime used (the “Timesheet”) and is a record of the events that can affect the counting of laytime.

In some calculation forms, the Statement of Facts could be part of the Timesheet, preceding the columns in which the periods for loading, discharging, shifting, inclement weather, other excepted periods and tendering of Notice of Readiness etc., are noted.

Shipowners and charterers may use their own forms of SOF and Timesheets. However, BIMCO publishes standard forms, which may be found to be extremely useful. BIMCO’s “Standard Statement of Pacts” and “Standard Time Sheet” may be in a long form (for long periods) and a short form. There is an SOF available for general use and also one for use in charters of oil and chemical tank vessels. Figures 2.1 and 2.2 are facsimiles of a Standard Statement of Facts and a Standard Time Sheet, printed with acknowledgments to BIMCO, Copenhagen.


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