Stowaways are discovered hiding in a cargo of bagged rice during a voyage. What action should be taken in accordance with IMO Guidelines?

(1) Take the stowaways into custody;

Β (2) find out which port they embarked at; (3) prepare a statement using the form in MGN 70 for presentation to shore authorities; (4) notify relevant authorities at port of embarkation and next port, as well as flag State; (5) do not depart from the planned voyage to seek disembarkation of stowaways unless repatriation has been arranged with sufficient documentation and permission for disembarkation, or unless there are extenuating security or compassionate reasons; (6) present stowaways to authorities at next port of call in accordance with their requirements; and (7) take appropriate measures to ensure the safety, general health, welfare and safety of stowaways until disembarkation.


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In what declaration, to be submitted by the master on arrival at a port from a port in another country, are stowaways mentioned?

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