Two versions of form ALC 1(d) are provided by the MCA in ALC packs. What are these?

(1) Form ALC (BSF) 1(d), which is an agreement appropriate for use on ships formerly operating under National Maritime Board (NMB) conditions;Β 

and (2) Form ALC (NFD) 1(d), which is a minimum agreement for other merchant ships that complies with the requirements of ILO Convention 22 (Seamen’s Articles of Agreement Convention, 1926) and is sometimes called a “minimum terms” agreement. The BSF form has two pages of green text and a blank space for affixing a suitable Voyage and Notice Clause. The NFD version is a single page of black text and incorporates a Voyage and Notice Clause.


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What entries are required to be made on form ALC (NFD) 1(d)?

What is form ALC 1(d)?