What accidents and incidents must be reported under the VTM Regulations?

When a ship is involved in any of the following events: (1) any accident or occurrence affecting the safety of the ship including collision, running aground, damage, malfunction or breakdown, flooding or shifting of cargo, any defect in the hull or structural failure:

(2) any incident which compromises shipping safety, including failures likely to affect the ship’s manoeuvrability or seaworthiness, or any defects affecting the propulsion system or steering gear, the electrical generating system, navigation equipment or communications equipment; (3) any pollution event likely to result in the pollution of UK waters or the coastline of the UK: (4) any slick of polluting materials and containers or packages seen drifting at sea: or (5) any discharge or probable discharge of dangerous packaged goods.

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How must a report of an accident or incident be made under the VTM Regulations?

Under which UK regulations must reports of accidents and incidents at sea be made by masters of UK ships, and which M Notice explains their requirements?