What action should a master take to protect the owners’ interests following a berthing accident in which both the ship and quay are damaged?

The master should; (1) inform the owners and local P&I club correspondent as soon as possible;

(2) send a full report to the owners, signed where possible by the pilot, tug master(s) and any eye-witnesses (e. g. linesman), and including: speed and angle of approach, appended extracts from logs detailing helm and engine movements, weather conditions, state of tide and current; (3) record in the deck log any defects or damage to the jetty prior to or immediately on berthing; (4) with the assistance of the P&I club correspondent if necessary, appoint an independent surveyor to inspect the damage; this should ideally be a joint survey with a surveyor appointed by the port/terminal operator or their underwriters; (5) take and submit to owners photographs of the quay damage; (7) if requested, give the port/terminal operator and/or their surveyors every opportunity to survey the damage to the vessel, and attempt to agree with them the cause and extent of the damage.

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What document will the master probably receive from the port or terminal operator after colliding with a quay, and what should be the master’s response to it?

What reports must the master of a UK ship make following a berthing accident at a port outside the UK in which both the ship and the quay are seriously damaged?