What are a shipmaster’s basic obligations under The Merchant Shipping (Means of Access) Regulations?

Taking full account of the principles and guidance in chapter 8 of the Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seamen, to ensure that:

 (1) safe means of access exists between ship and quay, pontoon, etc.; (2) access equipment is positioned promptly after the ship has been made fast and remains in position while the ship is made fast; (3) access equipment in use is properly rigged, secured, deployed and safe to use, and is adjusted when necessary to maintain safe access; (4) access equipment and the immediate approaches to it are properly lit; (5) any access equipment used and any safety net is of good construction, sound material, adequate strength for its purpose, free from patent defect and properly maintained; (6) access necessary between ship and shore when the ship is not secured alongside is provided in a safe manner.


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