What are “laytime exceptions” or “exceptions to laytime”?

Periods as agreed in the charter party’s Laytime Clause which are not to count as laytime, even if loading or discharging is carried out during them. 

They are within the definition of laytime in the Laytime Clause but are nevertheless excluded by an exceptions clause. Examples often include: weather that prevents cargo operations (if laytime is expressed as “Weather Working Days” or “Weather Permitting”); Sundays and holidays (where laytime is expressed to be “SHEX”); Fridays and holidays (where laytime is expressed to be “FHEX”). Laytime exceptions should not be confused with laytime interruptions.


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What are “laytime interruptions” or “interruptions to laytime”?

Are there any circumstances in which a master could tender an invalid notice of readiness, but laytime could still commence?