What are some of the advantages of registration on the UK Ship Register?

The MCA website lists the following:

 (1) The UK flag is one of the top performing flags on the Paris MoU and Tokyo MoU White Lists; (2) The UK is included on the US Coastguard’s Qualship 21 initiative; (3) Dedicated customer service (focused assistance throughout and after registration); (4) Registration costs amongst the lowest available with no annual renewal fees; (5) UK Tonnage Tax incentive (alternative method of calculating corporation tax profits based on ship net tonnage); (6) The UK has met the Paris MOU flag criteria for low risk ships, so UK ships are not targeted for Port State Control inspections; (7) ISPS plan approvals and verification audits at no cost to owners and operators; (8) An international reputation for expert advice and guidance with a proactive leading role at the IMO, EU and Quality Shipping Committees; (9) Worldwide security threat level information provided to UK registered ships with support for British Nationals on board from British Consuls and Royal Navy protection dependent on the availability of assets and the nature of the threat; (10) MCA Quality Assurance offers certification to ISO 9001(2008) and ISO 14001(2004) standards with audits being taken in harmonisation with ISM and ISPS Codes; (11) Alternative Compliance Scheme (for eligible vessels, statutory surveys (except ISM, ISPS and ILO) are delegated to Classification Societies without a formal appointment).


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