What are the contents of a Passenger Certificate for a Class II(A) ship?

(1) Details of ship: name, port of registry, Official Number, gross tonnage, name and address of owner;Β 

(2) Certification: Statement that the ship has been found to comply with the provisions of the Merchant Shipping Acts for a Class II(A) Passenger Ship and as such is certified to ply within the limits shown and when carrying not more than the maximum number of passengers as stated; plying limits; maximum number of passengers (including children over one year); number of crew; minimum number of crew; maximum total of passengers and crew; number of holders of CPSC; subdivision/loadline marked on the ship’s side amidships; freeboard at side; distance of deck line below deck at side; extreme draught amidships; list of LSA articles to be always kept on board, in good order and ready for immediate use, including number of boats, liferafts and buoyant apparatus (each with number of persons accommodated), number of lifejackets (stating number for persons under 32kg), lifebuoys, approved means of making sound signals, approved set of navigation lights; radio installation (including type fitted and number of radio personnel); navigational equipment instruments fitted (radar, magnetic compass, gyro compass, echo sounder); date of expiry; date of issue; surveyor’s signature and MCA stamp. On the reverse: Conditions; Notes.


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