What are the main features of the HSSC?

(1) A one-year standard interval between surveys, based on initial, annual, intermediate, periodical and renewal surveys, as appropriate, except for MARPOL Annex IV which is based on initial and renewal surveys;Β 

(2) a scheme providing the necessary flexibility to execute, each survey, with provision for completion of the renewal survey within 3 months before the expiry date of the existing certificate with no loss of its period of validity, and a time window of 6 months from 3 months before to 3 months after the anniversary date of the certificate for annual, intermediate and periodical surveys; (3) a maximum period of validity of five years for all cargo ship certificates; (4) a maximum period of validity of 12 months for the Passenger Ship Safety Certificate; (5) a system for the extension of certificates limited to three months, enabling a ship to complete its voyage, or one month for ships engaged on short voyages; (6) when an extension has been granted, the period of validity of the new certificate starting from the expiry date of the existing certificate before its extension; (7) a flexible system for inspection of the outside of the ship’s bottom on the following conditions: a minimum of two inspections during any five-year period of validity of the Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate or the Cargo Ship Safety Certificate, and the interval between any two such inspections not exceeding 36 months; (8) a Cargo Ship Safety Certificate under SOLAS 74/88/00/04, as an alternative to separate Cargo Ship Safety Construction, Cargo Ship Safety Equipment and Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificates; and (9) a flexible system concerning the frequency and the period of validity of certificates, subject to the minimum pattern of surveys being maintained.


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