What are the main requirements of the Passenger Counting Regulations?

(1) All persons on board passenger ships must be counted prior to departure. In the case of Class II and II(A) ships this must be by individual passenger boarding cards.

(2) Immediately before a passenger ship departs from any landing point the total number of persons on board must be communicated to the master and the passenger registrar ashore. (3) If any person has declared a need for special care or assistance in emergency situations for any person on board, the owner must ensure that this information is properly recorded and communicated to the master. (4) No passenger ship may leave a landing point if the requirements in (2) and (3) have not been complied with, or the total number of persons on board exceeds the total number the ship is permitted to carry. (5) For voyages of more than 20 nautical miles, certain passenger information (surname, first name, sex, age and special details) must be collected and communicated to the company’s passenger registrar. (6) The owner must appoint a shore-based passenger registrar to be responsible for holding the collected information and making it available for SAR purposes.


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