What are the main requirements of the revised MARPOL Annex VI with respect to volatile organic compounds (VOCs)?

(1) A State which is party to MARPOL Annex VI and which intends to regulate VOC emissions from tankers at its ports and terminals must ensure that vapour emission control systems are provided in designated ports and terminals, and must notify IMO of the size of tankers to be controlled, the cargoes requiring a vapour emission control system, and the effective date of such control.

(2) A tanker using such a port or terminal must have a vapour collection system approved by the flag State Administration, and must use it when loading cargo. (3) A port or terminal which has installed a vapour emission control system may accept tankers not fitted with vapour collection systems for three years after the effective date of control. (4) A tanker carrying crude oil must have on board and implement a VOC Management Plan approved by the flag State Administration. (Reg. 15)

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