What are the master’s duties under The Merchant Shipping (Musters, Training and Decision Support Systems) Regulations in relation to muster lists and emergency instructions?

(1) To prepare a muster list before the ship proceeds to sea.

ย (2) To maintain the muster list for the duration of the voyage for which it was prepared. (3) To revise the muster list, or prepare a new list, if there is any change in the crew necessitating an alteration. (4) To ensure that copies of the muster list are exhibited in conspicuous places throughout the ship including the bridge, engine room and crew accommodation spaces. (5) To ensure that clear instructions to be followed in the event of an emergency are provided for every person on board. (6) To ensure that illustrations and instructions in English and in any other appropriate languages are posted in passenger cabins and conspicuously displayed at assembly or muster stations and other passenger spaces to inform passengers of their assembly or muster station, the essential actions they must take in an emergency, and the method of donning lifejackets. ssengers are suitably clad and have donned their lifejackets correctly; (c) assembling the passengers at muster stations; (d) keeping order in passageways and on stairways and generally controlling the movements of passengers; and (e) ensuring that blankets are taken to survival craft; (8) the officer(s) assigned to the maintenance of the LSA and fire appliances; (9) substitutes for key persons when they are disabled (e. g. the master, chief officer and chief engineer).


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