What are the oil discharge requirements for ships of less than 400 GT in any special area other than the Antarctic Area?

Oil and all oily mixtures must either be retained on board for subsequent discharge to reception facilities or discharged into the sea in accordance with the following provisions:ย 

(1)ย the ship must be proceedingย en route;ย (2) the ship must have in operation equipment of a design approved by the flag State Administration that ensures that the oil content of the effluent without dilution does not exceed 15 ppm: (3) the oily mixture must not originate from cargo pump room bilges on oil tankers; and (4) the oily mixture, in case of oil tankers, must not be mixed with oil cargo residues.ย (MARPOL Annex I, reg. 15. 6)


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A tanker is tank-cleaning while on a ballast passage through an Annex I special area. What are the requirements concerning disposal of oil residues and oil and water used for tank washing?

Under what conditions may a ship of 400 GT or more discharge oil or oily mixtures in a special area other than the Antarctic Area?