What are the responsibilities of the owner and the master of a UK ship under The Merchant Shipping (Survey and Certification) Regulations?

To ensure: (1) that the condition of the ship and its equipment is maintained to conform with the provisions of the Regulations to ensure that the ship in all respects will remain fit to proceed to sea without danger to the ship or persons on board;Β 

(2) that after completion of any survey required by the Regulations, no change is made in the structural arrangements, machinery, equipment and other items covered by the survey without approval of the appropriate Certifying Authority, except by direct replacement; and (3) that whenever an accident occurs to the ship or a defect is discovered, either of which affects the ship’s safety or the efficiency or completeness of the LSA or other equipment, it is reported as soon as possible to the appropriate Certifying Authority or to a proper officer. (If the ship is, in such a case, in a non-UK port, it must also be reported to the appropriate port State authorities.)


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