What arrangements may a chief engineer be expected to make for taking bunker fuel oil samples?

It will depend on the company’s procedures, as detailed in the Safety Management System documentation, but the P&I clubs advise as follows:

(1) The chief engineer should take at least two samples during bunkering. (Samples presented by the supplier should not be accepted. ) (2) If the vessel carries an on-board fuel test kit, the chief engineer should carry out a spot analysis and, if this indicates the fuel is unsuitable, a full analysis should be carried out at an approved shore laboratory before the bunkers are used. (3) In any event, one sample should be retained on board until all bunkers loaded have been burned without problem, while the other should be forwarded to an independent fuel analysis service. (4) Samples of oil loaded during bunkering should be sealed, dated and signed by the chief engineer and the supplier.

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