What clauses would probably be attached to a typical hull and machinery policy obtained in London?

(1) The Institute Time Clauses – Hulls (1/10/83) or the International Hull Clauses (1/11/03);Β 

(2) the Institute Strike Clauses; (3) the Institute War and Strikes Clauses (Hulls – Time) or (Hulls – Voyage); and (4), if the 1983 ITCs are used, the Institute Warranties, also called Institute Warranty Limits). The shipowner instructs his broker as to what cover he requires, e. g. for 12 months, with strikes and war risks cover, and the broker agrees with the underwriters for the appropriate clauses to be attached to the policy. In a policy for a single voyage, the Institute Voyage Clauses would be used instead of Time Clauses.


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What perils is a shipowner insured against under the Perils Clause of a hull and machinery policy incorporating the Institute Time Clauses – Hulls (1/10/83)?

If a shipowner is only covered for three-fourths of his collision liability by his hull policy, how does he protect himself against the other one-fourth liability?