What details are shown on a Cargo Ship Safety Certificate?

(1) Particulars of ship (name; distinctive number or letters (call sign); port of registry;Β 

gross tonnage; deadweight (for oil tankers, chemical tankers and gas carriers only); length of ship; GMDSS sea areas in which the ship is certified to operate; IMO number). (2) Type of ship (oil tanker, chemical tanker, gas carrier or other cargo ship type). (3) Date on which keel was laid or ship was at a similar stage of construction. (4) Certification statements, including limits of trade area. (5) Expiry date; place and date of issue; signature of authorised official issuing the certificate; MCA stamp. (6) Endorsement spaces for recording annual and intermediate surveys and two inspections of outside of ship’s bottom. (7) Endorsement spaces to record extension of certificate under various regulations.Β 


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