What does section 4.8 of the IMSBC Code require with regard to documentation for a ship carrying dangerous goods?

(1) Each ship carrying dangerous goods in solid form in bulk (“solid bulk DGs”) must have a special list or manifest setting forth the dangerous goods on board and their location, in accordance with SOLAS regulation VII/7-2.Β 

2. A detailed stowage plan may be used in place of a special list or manifest. (2) When solid bulk DGs are carried appropriate instructions on emergency response to incidents involving the cargoes must be on board. (3) Cargo ships of 500 GT and over constructed on or after 1 September 1984 and cargo ships of less than 500 GT constructed on or after 1 February 1992, subject to SOLAS regulation II-2/19. 4 (or II-2/54. 3), must have a Document of Compliance when carrying solid bulk dangerous goods except class 6. 2 and class 7.Β 


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