What equipment and services should a repairer or drydock company normally have to supply to the ship under their contract with the owners?

(1) Fire guards; (2) fire extinguishers;

(3) connection of fire hoses to the yard’s main; (4) sea water cooling of refrigeration and air conditioning condensers; (5) containers for collection of scrap and debris left over from repairs; (6) containers for collection of ship’s garbage; (7) telephone on board; (8) emergency contacts list; (9) electric current; (10) possibly an earth return; (11) two illuminated gangways; (12) gas-free certificates from an authorized chemist if requested or deemed necessary; (13) drinking water; (14) craneage; (15) unmooring and mooring in the drydock with assistance of the yard’s tugs, pilots, boatmen and riggers.


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