What exceptions to liability are granted to the carrier under the Hague-Visby Rules?

The carrier or ship will not be responsible for loss or damage arising from:Β 

act, neglect or default of the master, mariner, pilot, or the servants of the carrier in the navigation or management of the ship; fire, unless caused by actual fault or privity of the carrier; perils, dangers and accidents of the sea or other navigable waters; act of God; act of war; act of public enemies; arrest or restraint of princes, rulers or people, or seizure under legal process; quarantine regulations; act or omission of the shipper or owner of the goods, his agent or representatives; strikes, lockouts, stoppage or restraint of labour; riots and civil commotions; saving or attempting to save life or property at sea; wastage in bulk or weight or any other loss or damage arising from inherent defect, quality or vice of the goods; insufficiency of packing; insufficiency or inadequacy of marks; latent defects not discoverable by due diligence; any other cause arising without the actual fault or privity of the carrier, or without the fault or neglect of the agents or servants of the carrier (but the burden of proof will be on the carrier to show that his fault or privity or the fault or neglect of his agents or servants did not contribute to the loss or damage).


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