What guidance does MSC/Circ. 1156 contain regarding controlling access by pilots?


3. 5 states: “Delaying unnecessarily the arrival of the pilot on the bridge, especially when the ship is underway, is detrimental to the safety of navigation and may lead to situations where the safety of the ship and of other ships or of people in the vicinity may be jeopardized.” Para. 5. 3 states: “The master or the SSO should communicate with the pilots to ensure that access control measures for pilots boarding at sea are conducted in such a way that the pilot is not precluded from reaching the bridge in time to conduct the master-pilot information exchange and begin providing piloting services necessary for the safety of the ship and for the safety of navigation. If necessary to ensure that the pilot has timely access to the bridge, verifications of employment and other access control measures, such as searches, in accordance with the provisions of the SSP may be waived once the identity of the pilot has been verified to the satisfaction of the master or SSO.”


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