What information is typically required by a major port before a ship’s arrival from another country?

Name of ship; call sign; IMO number;

berth to be used; availability of International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC) or Interim ISSC; expiry date of ISSC or Interim ISSC; issuing authority of ISSC or Interim ISSC; security level at which the ship is currently operating; last port of call; name of last port facility interfaced with; whether the last port facility interfaced with is ISPS compliant; security level of last port facility; whether the ship interfaced with a port facility (during the last 10 calls at port facilities since 1 July 2004) that was non-ISPS compliant; whether, within the period of the last 10 calls at port facilities, the ship engaged in ship-to-ship activities with a non-compliant ship to which the ISPS Code applies.


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Under the laws of States which have adopted the ISPS Code, when must a Declaration of Security be completed?

How will a Port Facility Security Officer normally obtain a ship’s Declaration of Security?