What information must be included in a dangerous goods or marine pollutants declaration for packaged goods?

(1) The proper shipping name of the goods; 

(2) their class and division where applicable; (3) UN Numbers where allocated by the IMDG Code; (4) the packaging or packing group where relevant; (5) the number and kind of packages; (6) the total quantity of dangerous goods or net explosive mass of the contents; (7) the words “MARINE POLLUTANT” where appropriate; (8) any other information required by the IMDG Code; (9) if appropriate, the class of ship needed for any packaged irradiated nuclear fuel, plutonium and high- level radioactive wastes carried as cargo in accordance with IMDG class 7, and the quantities of such goods; (10) the date of preparation of the declaration; (11) the name of the signatory; (12) the signatory’s company or organization; (13) the status of the signatory in the company or organization; (14) the postal address, email address, telephone number and fax number of the person from whom detailed information about the packaged goods may be obtained. 


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