What is a Record of Anti- Fouling Systems?

A record that must contain details of anti-fouling system(s) applied, including:Β 

(1) Type(s) of anti-fouling system(s) used; (2) date(s) of application of anti- fouling system(s); (3) name(s) of company(ies) and facility(ies)/location(s) where applied; (4) name(s) of anti-fouling system manufacturer(s); (5) name(s) and colour(s) of anti-fouling system(s); (6) active ingredient(s) and their Chemical Abstract Services Registry Number(s) (CAS number(s)); (7) type(s) of sealer coat, if applicable; (8) name(s) and colour(s) of sealer coat applied, if applicable; and (9) date of application of sealer coat.


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